Mo, A Special Foster


In SRCI care since August 2015

Crossed Rainbow Bridge

March 1, 2017


We got a call from the shelter in Kokomo Humane Society in August of 2015 about a senior boy that needed our help.  He had been there several days as a stray with no one claiming him.  We sent a transport to get him to a vet that could see him immediately.   We named him Mo.   After some pain meds, accupunture  and laser therapy, he was standing and walking.  He also had severe yeasty ear infections that left him with a mangled ear.  Thus the one ear up and one ear down.  He also had yeast on his body.  Bathing and no corn, no wheat and no soy  dog food - this resolved the yeast on the skin.   After a few weeks of healing, he returned to the vets for his dental and removing 2 large tumors.  The tumors were benign.
Although his yeasty ears and skin were healing nicely we noticed that he continued scratching.  A series of medicated baths did not significantly help.  The next option was to start him on APOQUEL.  Sucessful but very expensive.  
With his pain meds, Mo was able to run the fence with the herd.  Sometimes he over did it and we would take him back to the vets for accupunture and laser treatments.  Mo continues to have mobility problems, with some difficulty getting to his feet without help.  This has required an increase in his pain meds, along with additional treatments.
If you would like to help SRCI with Mo's care, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please use the DONATE button at the bottom left of the page, and specify 'Care for Mo' in the comment on the donation screen. 
Thank you very, very much!
Here is the cost of Mo' s drugs and treatments.

Laser and Acupuncture $65.00
Monthly medications totalling over $120.00 a month