Oliver - 1226



Male 3 yrs old. (~2016)

16 ins. tall

25.5 lbs.

Updated 6/13/19

Oliver #1226

6/12/19 Update

Oliver here.

I moved to a new foster home at the beginning of the year, to see if a calmer environment would be good for me. Since I've been there, the only time I had seizures was at the end of February, and that was because my foster mom forgot to give me a dose of one of my seizure meds. She learned her lesson and has not missed a dose since! I've not had any more seizures, either, so right now I'm seizure-free for 3.5 months.

I continue to be a mellow boy who likes to hang out and take it easy.  I'm looking for a calm home where my calmness would be appreciated, even though I am only 3-4 years old.


Oliver is a super sweet boy who came into rescue as a stray. He is laid back and a total couch potato!  He loves to find a warm spot to snooze and will snuggle up with you on the couch. He does not try to jump on the furniture unless he is invited, but he has a little trouble jumping due to a little arthritis in his back-left knee and requires assistance. Oliver is not fond of stairs but will attempt them if you ask him too. He does fine with entry steps since there are only a few.

Ollie Bear weighed in at 30lbs when he came in and is a little heavy on the back end, which probably didn’t help his arthritis. He walks wonderfully on a leash and doesn’t really pay attention to cars driving by but sometimes shows some curiosity when he sees other people. He doesn’t bark, just watches them until he gets bored or you resume the walk. 

He likes to play with toys if you play with him, otherwise he doesn’t really pay any attention to them. Sometimes when he tries to play, he uses his mouth. He doesn’t bite, but will hold your hand in his mouth. We have been working on this, but it continues to be a work in progress.

We discovered that Oliver has seizures about 2 weeks after he came into rescue. We started him on Phenobarbital when he was first diagnosed and about 2 months later added Keppra into his daily regimen.  He had experienced a seizure after about 12 hours following two separate incidents in which he became agitated due to his younger fur-sibling’s antics. Oliver will require a peaceful environment as stress seems to be one of his big stressors leading to a seizure. Oliver will need a home with no small children or young active dogs. He does ok with his senior fur siblings, so older, less active dogs are ok.

Oliver’s meds are eligible for prescription discounts through goodrx.com or whichever your pharmacist recommends. They are very helpful in finding the best deals. His Keppra runs about $17 for 90 tablets and the phenobarbital is about $18 for 75 tablets. Because he is on phenobarbital, he will need to have blood work every 6 months to make sure his phenobarbital levels are stable. His next check is due August 2019.

Oliver is ready for his furever home.  Is it yours