Milo - 1238



Male 10 months old. (7/2018) 

Height: 19 in.

Weight: 26 lbs.

Updated 5/6/19


Milo # 1238

Milo is a sweet, energetic boy who loves to play. His favorite game seems to be tug-of-war and many plush toys have been lost to the cause!

Milo is great with kids, other dogs and appears to be fine with cats.

He is a morning boy and will climb into bed to wake you up in the morning.

He is housebroken and crate trained, though not a huge fan going into the crate. However, he will happily go in if there is food or a treat involved. 

Milo knows sit and seems to know shake however his only seems to do either of these when he wants. It is a work in progress.

Milo has alpha dog tendencies but does ok with his fur brother who is also an alpha. They are always racing around the yard or house and playing, usually tug of war. 

Sometimes they will sit and debate an issue of great importance which is hilarious to watch. The look like are actually carrying on a conversation! 

Since Milo is still a young one with alpha tendencies, he can also be a little stubborn and still needs some help with manners.

He loves to be loved on and will snuggle up on the couch for short naps before it’s time to play some more.