Ellie 1237



8 years old  

Height: 14 in.

Weight: 15 lbs.



Ellie #1237

Ellie is a sweet, energetic girl who loves to play. She leaps in the air when excited or playing in the yard. Her favorite game is tug-of-war. She also loves to chew on rope bones.

Ellie is housebroken but can be a little stubborn in going outside. If picked up and placed in the grass, she takes care of business as needed.  Ellie knows “sit” and walks well on a leash. She gets excited when she sees the leash and likes to go for walks.
She loves to be loved on and will snuggle up on the couch for short naps before it’s time to play some more. A play buddy would be nice since Ellie’s 14-year-old foster brother does not want to play with her. She’s persistent though and tries daily to get him to play with her.
Ellie is a slow and deliberate eater. Sometimes she must be redirected to eat all her food as she tends to get distracted easily.
Ellie’s a typical Sheltie barker. She barks at the coffee grinder, bicycles, and anyone or anything invading her perceived territory. She’s afraid of the vacuum cleaner and won’t go in the same room if it’s there.
Won’t you consider making Ellie a part of your family?