Cammie / Cammy

Fur-ever Tails

Cammie (otherwise known as Cammy)

July, 2016

My name is Cammie and a long time ago I was left in a car.  I was very hungry and very cold.  Some people came and took me out and gave me to this nice lady who would look at me and cry.  A day later I was taken to this house that had 2 young dogs and some cats (ick) and told that they would help me heal.  To tell you the truth I did not care.  I was done with it all.  The lady and man who lived there noticed that I did not want to keep the green thing on me.  She said something about it being a green wool sweater and it was supposed to keep me warm since I did not have any fur.  She then clued in that it itched.  She and the man went out and bought me the loudest pink flower fleece coat.  Wow did I like that.  I wore that coat for months.  Gradually I began to get some fur and did not have to wear clothes anymore.  

2007      2007

    The other thing I remember from that time was that the food was good here.  The lady told me that I would not be hungry again.  Sometimes I would not believe her and would steal food.  I could climb on chairs and get to some amazing places.  I began to feel better and the lady would laugh at me and tell me to be still.  I couldn't do that - I was just too happy. 

    The lady would take me to these places that people would pet and love on me.  One time they kept putting my foot in green paint and putting it on my picture.  They said I was giving pawtographs like I was famous.  You know maybe I was, people would stop me at other places and they always knew my name.  At one of these meeting events the crying lady asked if it was time for me to find my forever home.  The lady started to cry too and said that I already had and that she was going to be my forever mom and that the man would be my dad.   She said that they were foster failures.  I don't think that is true I think they did great.


    As I look back over the years I know that I was rescued and that life got good.  I have been involved with SRCI a lot.  I have gone to many of those meeting events where many people have given green papers while crying over my picture.  I never get why they cry - don't they see how good it turned out.  If it weren't for SRCI I would never have met mom and dad and all the other fur kids I live with.