Fur-ever Tails


July, 2016

We had a meeting for SRCI and during that meeting there was a little Sheltie girl that was at Sue Moore's home named, Chloe. Chloe was part of the hoarding situation in Crawfordsville, IN and one of many scared little dogs that had no real socialization.  I listened as Sue spoke about how she was approximately 6 mos old and loved her toys and would take them all into the back of her crate and hide with them, which may have been her only comfort. I had recently had another foster that was adopted that was part of a hoarding situation and he had some shyness for the very same reasons. On my way home I spoke with another friend in rescue and she thought I should offer to foster Chloe too. I let Sue know I would foster and very shortly after I had Chloe and was heading home with this scared little girl in a crate in my backseat. 

The first few days we arrived home she was scared of course, but I had a brother and two older sister Shelties to show her the ropes.  Chloe sat on my lap a lot and suctioned to her little bears in the corner of my bed on her own blanket at night. As time went on with all the patience she needed, I started to see Chloe come out of her shell. One night after a few months in our home, she came to bed and scooted over and laid her head down on my shoulder. I knew right then and there this girl finally trusted me. I cried. This little sweet soul that had felt so lost and scared... trusted me out of everyone in this world. I knew I had a big responsibility to never let her down.

So, we started going to visit my work and to my sister's house where there were more Shelties to socialize with her. Then, we enrolled in a Basic Manners course at a local training facility with wonderful instructors and she was SO brave and SO smart! She picked up everything very quickly as we went along. The only thing she would never do was turn her back to strangers, but she trusted me. She went on to graduate that class and she continued to grow becoming more confident and not quite as scared. And, she is my daughter too because I adopted her. 

Nowadays, Chloe rules the roost at our house. She may not be technically in charge, but she believes it to be so. She still has her siblings and an older foster sister along with her very own cat who she loves to irritate daily.

Chloe is loved by me and my whole family. We know her as Cloester, Clo Clo, and Pupper girl. Chloe is a very healthy and happy girl who knows the great life of just being a dog and not having a care in the world. I love her and she loves me. She was one of the greatest gifts that I've ever received. I tell her all the time that I will always love and protect her and not a day goes by she isn't in her mommys heart furever.