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June, 2009

A Senior Dog's Story

Hobie loves to chase golfers from his fenced in yard and becomes very playful when he sees a sprinkler or hose.  Hobie loves food and getting treats from his "brother" Jacob but managed to lose 3 pounds in 6 weeks this spring just by chasing golfers on the weekends.  Hobie loves to follow his "mom" and "dad" around the house and loves when the doorbell rings because he thinks everyone is here to see him!  He even gets along with his "Grandmom and Grandpop's" dog Bristol, which works out great when we go on vacation.

We couldn't imagine not having Hobie in our lives.  He is a well-mannered, easy going dog.  We could tell that from the moment we meant him and saw how well he interacted with Jacob.  We love to hear Hobie moan and groan as he lays down for a nap.  We always have to smile and laugh...it is just something special about Hobie.  Hobie is a wonderful testament to how special "senior" dogs can be!

We adopted Hobie in March 2004 when he was nine years old.  We didn't quite know what to expect from a "senior" sheltie because we were hoping for one that was younger.  But Hobie has been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't ask for a better companion and family member.  Hobie may be 10 now but he has the heart of a two year old.  His vet says that other than some fatty tumors and some other signs of age, he has the heart of an athlete.  Hobie gets along wonderfully with our three year old son Jacob and we know Hobie will be very gentle when we welcome our second child in August.  Hobie has already become more protective of his human "mom" Marie since she has been pregnant. 

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