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Fur-ever Tails




Hi to all my SRCI friends!  My name is Louie and I went through your rescue twice before finding my forever home.  Both times I was surrendered by my owners (boy if that isn’t enough to give a poor guy a complex).

Anyway, I found my forever home in June, 2002.  My new home has a big fenced yard, which I love to run in! (and run and run and run!).  I also have no shortage of attention from my mom and dad and my two legged brother and sister.  I love to play out in the yard and go on walks with them! 

In the morning I will go around with Mom and help her wake up the kids.  I think that is fun and I get some early morning pets out of it.

To make things even better, this year at Christmas, we adopted another dog (from the Humane Society).  She is 3 years old and her name is Lacey.  She is a beagle/basset mix (or as we call her, our Bagel).  I have had so much fun showing her all the great toys we have.  I am partial to the puppy tug, she likes to chase and play with balls.   We even will play tug of war together with one of our puppy tugs.  But I always let her win.  I am a gentleman after all.   She was timid at first and wouldn’t go far into the yard.  Now she and I have a blast running and barking all over the yard.

I am sooooo happy here and I think my family is just as happy to have me.  For all you dogs currently in the rescue, don’t lose hope, the people at SRCI will make sure they find you a wonderful forever home.

 Love,  Louie