Cammy's Early Story


Fur-ever Tails

Cammie (otherwise known as Cammy)

The Early Story

May, 2007

Some of the pictures in this article may be disturbing



A nice lady in a van picked me up from where I was dropped off. The nice lady told me that my mom couldn’t take care of me any more and she wanted me to have a better life.” - Cammy


Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana was contacted 2/14/07 by a lady who needed to surrender her dog. She was no longer able to care for it. Phil from SRCI went to pick up the dog on 2/15 but no one was home. The owner had called and left a message after he had already left his office stating that she had turned her dog in to Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. Sue Moore, SRCI Rescue Coordinator, contacted IACC to make arrangements to pick up Cammy.


The kind folks at IACC gave the “nice lady”, our own Sue Moore, little Cammy, all wrapped up in a blanket. A vet appointment had originally been scheduled for 2/16 but one look at Cammy’s condition and off they went to Dr. Cindy Baker, DVM in Bargersville. Cammy was given a full physical. Amazingly, other than being severely malnourished, all other tests were negative except her thyroid test. It would take a couple of days to get those results in. Cammy weighs in at 9 pounds and was about 5 years old. From Dr Cindy's office, Sue went shopping and Cammy was ready to face the cold in a nice wool sweater.


As you might guess, this special little girl would be in foster care for a considerable amount of time. She was medically pretty sound, but, when she was ready to go to her forever home she would need someone who is at home a lot and can give her plenty of love. She would need a special someone who would be there to help her learn to trust, someone who is not afraid to cuddle her hairless body. Janet Fonner heads up the Foster home program at that time.


702_cammy-2-26-3 702_cammy-2-26-2 702_cammy-2-26-1


Please check back weekly to follow up on my progress. I know I don’t look so hot so if you have a weak stomach you might not want to see my pictures just yet.” – Cammy


Cammy eats about half of her food at meal time. She loves the cheese with the medication so she is getting all of the meds that she needs. Cammy will eat any treat that is offered, though is not sure about peanut butter (I think she heard in the news about the Salmonella in the peanut butter). She is also receiving chicken in her meals and she is enjoying that.


Cammy will end up being the dominant dog.  She often tries to stare down the puppies in her foster home. She will snap at them if they do not back down. She never fights with them just warns them that she is the "big" dog. Cammy did not like her wool coat the first day so her foster mom and dad found a soft fleece coat.  It is a bit big but she will hopefully fill it out before she has fur.


Cammy seems to be house broken as long as it is not too cold out side. She has also wanted to stay out for a minute or two to run with the other dogs.


 "Please check back to see how I'm doing. Thanks!" - Cammy

Cammy Update 2-26-07 

Cammy is doing great!! She is eating well and is gaining weight. One of the most visible differences is in her neck. Her collar had to be extended to fit. When you look at her now you see an extremely skinny dog but she does not look like a skeleton with skin any more. 

Cammy’s personality is also blossoming. She is a bouncy Sheltie. She will jump up and down when she gets excited. For example, Cammy gets excited when her foster mom and dad arrive home. Cammy has proven to be totally house broken. The only times that she has made a mess is when she goes outside and decides that it is too cold. She is guilt ridden though afterwards. During this last rain/ice storm Cammy went outside, got her feet cold and came right in. There was no talking her into going out again that night. On the few nice days that we had though, she enjoyed being outside playing with the other 3 shelties in her foster home. 

Cammy has also started playing with the puppies (2 of the 3 Shelties in the home are puppies). She will jump on them and chew on their fur. She gets mad though when they retaliate. She just needs more padding. Cammy is a “woobie” destroyer. She has pulled the ears off of a couple of toys and she does like to squeak them. 

Cammy’s foster mom and dad and SRCI would like to say “Thank you” to everyone for all of Cammy’s presents. She has received many coats and was also given a biscuit treat bag (has which she has had to share with her furkid roommates). We would also like to thank everyone for all the emails inquiring about Cammy’s well being!

Update 3/4/07



Cammy is doing very well.  Her personality is coming out in buckets.  She will make you laugh the entire night.  She has gained more weight and if she had fur would look like a normal Sheltie.   

She continues to want to rough house with the puppies.  She steals their toy and runs away getting them to chase her.  If they choose another she will take that one also.  Cammy likes to spend time out side as long as it is not snowing or ice storming.  She is a fair weather outdoors girl.  Cammy's skin has dramatically improved.  When she first came she had very chapped leathery skin.  Her skin is now velvety and soft.


Update 3-7-07 

Cammy went to the vet today and has gained 3 lbs. since her last visit.  She will go in for vaccinations in a couple of weeks, then be scheduled for spaying.  She has also been microchipped. None of these things could be done in Cammy's condition when she first came into rescue!



Cammy Update 3/12/07

The change in Cammy is remarkable!  She now looks like a Sheltie, though admittedly lacking in fur.  She has filled out and muscled out really well. She has downy fur on her chest and has gotten some of the upper coat back on her thighs. Cammy has learned to hunt sunbeams and is often found sleeping in one.  She continues to rule her foster family's house, pushing all the rest of the clan around. Cammy has also continued to pull the legs off of many of her foster siblings' toys.  Oh well, at least she's having fun.  It was funny to see how Cammy behaved at the vet.  She was very quiet, meek and mild. After she arrived home, the "real" Cammy reappeared. 

Thank you to everyone for sharing in our excitement watching the incredible progress of Cammy. She has improved leaps and bounds in her overall health, appearance and well-being. Please continue to check back weekly.


March 20, 2007



Cammy continues to do really well.  Her fur is truly coming in.  On her chest it is white and about a 1/4 inch long.  Her tail has short black hair almost all the way down, not just on the tip anymore.  She does still have a bald patch on her back above her tail; there are a few hairs there but not many.  She continues to fill out and is starting to muscle up.  All of the running she does explains this.  She has been off of Prednisone for about a week now.  

Cammy is "taking" a bath weekly and getting her ears cleaned.  She hates this.  She can sense when it is bath time and she then runs away.  In the tub she just hunkers down.  She is very easy to dry though, LOL.  Her fur has turned very silky with the baths.  Cammy has become her foster mom's shadow.  Mom is constantly looking for her and then realizes that Cammy stays behind her feet.  Life is a comedy there and Cammy continues to blossom! Stay tuned.......

 March 28, 2007

702-cammy-8 mar 26

This has been a full week for Cammy. She had her second visit at the vet. Cammy gained another 1.4 lbs., now weighing in at 13.4 pounds. Isn't it amazing what food can do for a girl like Cammy? She was able to get all of her shots, so is now up to date with those. Cammy has another visit with Dr. Baker in 2 weeks to be "fixed". Cammy says that she is not broken though (Cammy's a little Cammy-dian, don't you think?). Her fur continues to grow and fill in. On Saturday Cammy went for a long drive up to Carmel's "For the Love of Dogs" bakery. She was given samples of the dog bones and then helped herself to a rawhide chew. Cammy also got to visit at Pet Smart in Castleton where she created quite a stir. Everyone wanted to meet her and asked what happened to her fur. Cammy got more attention than the puppies that were there for adoption. Though her car ride was long, Cammy enjoyed it since everyone at every stop offered her something to eat. Many of the pictures this week are blurred (we do apologize) but Cammy is making up for lost time. Her foster mom could not get her to slow down to take her picture. Spring is here and Cammy is running with her step fur siblings. In one of her photos, Cammy is yelling at mom for not playing with her. "Mom, put that little box down and play with me. You can't catch me. See how fast I am mom!" Ahhhhhh, life is good.

April 3, 2007



Cammy here,  Mom is too tired to send this out today so asked me to do it.  Not much going on this week but today was busy.  I get up an she sticks me in water.  This will not make my fur grow.  I did try to escape but was caught.  My step fursister, Bitsie, was also put in water.  She has long fur so I do not know why she was tortured.  My step furbrother, Clyde, was laughing at us.  I did try to rub my self on everypiece of the soft sit on stuff.  We then got to go out and play.  I was running sooo very fast that Mom could not take my picture.  I am just a blur to the eye.  She made me sit down at one point to get my picture taken.  She said that you all wanted to see that my fur was growing.  Maybe that water does work.  I did bark at her the whole time.  Later on I got one of those tasty chew things, and took over Clyde's soft sit on thing.  It was a good day.  Mom did get some p ictures to show you how my day went. 

 I do love this Sheltie Rescue group. 

Cammy continues to do great.   Pros of the past two weeks is that she is healthy enough to go into heat.  Con of the past two weeks is that she has gone into heat.  Cammy was sched. to go be "fixed" last Monday.  New sched is  for the first Monday in May.  Her fur is coming in great.  She is truely a blue merle.  She does have some bald patches still, flanks and tail base.  But, the rest is coming in thick and silky.  Cammie went to a foster function on the south side this weekend.  She had a great time eating all the treats.  The pictures show her new great coat.  She continues to love to go outside and fun with her foster fur siblings.   She looks "puppyish" in many of these pictures.   I have to go back to the old pictures to remind myself where she has been.  Cammy has little to no baggage from her ordeal.  She greets all new people with tail wagging.  She does not figh t for food, but will steal if you are not paying attention.  I can not understand how or why she could have gotten that way.   I am truely wrapped around her paw. 

Talk to you soon.


April 16, 2007


702_cammy-4-16-4 702_cammy-4-17-6                                                                                  

Hi, Cammy here again.  Mom said that this is my last update, since my sad saga is over.  I have gained all my weight back and my fur has filled in everywhere.  It is not as long as it should be but Mom says give it time.  We had to have an early dinner tonight, somthing about me being fixed tomorrow.  I did not know that I was broken.  Mom says after that she and the man will be able to be my forever Mom and Dad.  And, that the others here will be my forever brother and sisters.

I am so glad that, that nice lady came in the van to pick me up.  Thank you to all who have helped me get better.

 Life is Great!!!


 p.s. I will send pictures when my fur is long.


This last picture was dated 5/7/07

What a difference in just a few short months!