Grooming Sheltie Feet


Brought to you by Kira, Kes and Country Critters Grooming


Hi, I'm Kira (cute black tri on the left) and this is my adopted sister, Kes. We are two of the luckiest shelties in Columbus, In. We both were adopted from sheltie rescues and our Mom is a groomer and a dog obedience instructor.

So when we go out and play I always get dirty cause I like to herd cars from back in our fenced in yard where I am safe. All that herding gets me really dirty especially my feet. So then I have to always go into the tub as you can see here and get my feet washed.

Well, wouldn't you know it but my Mom, being a dog groomer, has to put me up on the table and do my feet up right since as you can see in the other picture just how fuzzy my feet get which in turn bring in all kinds of stuff and not just mud. I get ice, snow and even salt in the bottoms of my feet which really hurts if it doesn't get washed out right away.

So in turn Mom not only cuts my nails, but trims out all the hair in my feet to keep me from dragging all the bad stuff from outside inside.

First she scissors all the hair out of the pad of my foot and then scissors around the toes to get all the long hair off of there and from between my toes. Then she cuts my nails especially the dewclaws I have on my front feet. Mom hates those dewclaws cause they cannot get down to the ground like my other nails to wear off properly. She says the breeder should have had them removed when I was 3 days old like my sister's got removed. They can curl up into my foot if she does not cut them on a regular basis.

Also she has to trim all the hair from the bottom of the foot all the way up to the top of my hock so that it looks neater that way.

Everytime we come in from going outside to play we have to stop on the rug by the door and have our feet checked so they don't hurt later. Mom always washes out the dirt and ice if we get it in our paws. It's kinda nice getting a warm bath on our feet when it's been cold outside.

Mom also keeps some blood stop powder nearby while clipping our nails. She never has gotten too close to the quick when doing my nails but she got Kes once. Man, I bet that hurt. The powder stopped the bleeding right away and I think it made Kes feel better when she got some treats afterwards. Yep, Mom was really sorry she did that. Wish I could a got some treats just for being simpathetic. (I was really laughing inside though!)

Hope your Mom and Dad can now take better care of your feet and hurry up and take this article to them to read.

Stay tuned for next time and learn all about more Sheltie grooming.


Your sheltie pal,