Adopted Special Needs Shelties

Special-needs Success Stories


Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana is especially pleased when we are able to help shelties needing special medical care or to modify their behavior. These dogs can and do make wonderful companions once their needs are addressed or when placed in the correct type of environment. Often it takes longer to place one of these dogs but with care and patience their permanent homes are identified and all of the following are now in loving homes.


Buddy aka Bandy

a sable and white, male sheltie was about a year old when he was hit by a car. In August, 2002, SRCI received a call from the local humane society reporting that a sheltie brought in as a stray had been hit by a car and had severe damage to his right rear leg. They named him Bandy. It was quickly apparent Bandy LOVED to chase cars, which is more than likely why he was hit. X-rays showed that the injuries were severe to the hip and the injuries were at least a month old. However, the vet said even if immediate medical attention had been received, the leg could not have been saved. On September 22, Bandy's rear leg was amputated. Shortly after this, he went to his new forever home in Lafayette, IN with Arlene. Bandy is now known as Buddy and accompanies Arlene everywhere, including to work. Buddy and his new friend Gizmo, the cat are the center of Arlene’s life. Buddy is an outgoing dog that hasn’t even noticed the loss of his leg.




Sebastian, #338 is a 2 year old, sable and white, male sheltie. This energetic little guy came into SRCI after a call came from a local animal shelter. His previous owners were no longer able to care for him due to his injury. Sebastian had been hit by a car, and nerve damage to one of his front legs was beyond repair. A SRCI member picked him up and provided for needed surgery. The loss of a leg has not effected this special little guy's enthusiasm, energy or zest for life. During his recovery, Sebastian happily learned to herd his Samoyed friends rather than automobiles. Sebastian has been adopted into his forever home where he runs and plays with his two “sister” shelties. His family says he is definitely not handicapped and encourages people not to feel sorry for him. He can do just about anything his sisters can do. He is lovingly called their little tripod.