The Beginning of Our His..Torrie!

The Beginning...Our HisTorrie

On a balmy evening in June, 1992 during a meeting of the Central Indiana Shetland Sheepdog Club (CISSC), Kathy Morphew reported that an 11 year old Sheltie named Torrie was to be put down by her owner the next morning. It seemed that the family no longer had time for this sweet little girl who had dutifully presented them with several litters of puppies through the years. Now that she was no longer breedable and was not jumping around as she once did, they had decided to put her down.

A few very concerned members adamantly vowed that the dog would not be destroyed. Kathy and Carole Creech rescued Torrie early the next morning - literally hours before she was to be euthanized. After several hours of grooming and trimming, Torrie again looked like the lovely dog she once was.

A trip to the veterinarian identified a severe case of painful hip displasia. Miraculously, a compassionate young couple, Bob and Dawn appeared on the scene and adopted Torrie. In cooperation with CISSC the couple provided the needed surgery and gave Torrie a wonderful home.

This situation pointed out the need for a Sheltie Rescue program. The initial committee appointed by CISSC to study the project consisted of Karen Adams, Vicki and Bob Piccirillo, and Ellen Lacey. When their proposal was submitted to CISSC it was decided to delay the formation of a rescue group until more help was available.

The project was revived in 1993 with Karen and Dick McKellar added to the initial committee. Many Sunday afternoons were devoted to writing the Constitution and By-Laws and developing policies and forms. The proposal was again submitted to CISSC and on April 1, 1994, approval was granted to develop a Sheltie Rescue organization that was separate from CISSC.

Immediately following the CISSC meeting, eight charter members - Tammy Burkett, Carole Creech, Karen and Dick McKellar, Vicki and Bob Piccirillo, Ellen Lacey and Beth Vail - met to organize Sheltie Rescue of Central organization whose time had come!

Are you interested in SRCI ? We welcome all questions about rescue and how the organization is operated. If you would like more information please contact the president of SRCI.  The email can be submitted to the president in the "Contact Us" menu at the left.