SHELTIE RESCUE OF CENTRAL INDIANA Foster Home Application Indiana Residents Only
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FOSTER HOME RELEASE FORM Foster home represents they are familiar with the applicable city, county and state laws, ordinances and regulations governing the number, type, and licensing requirements of animals allowed at their place of residence and will provide a copy of said requirements with this agreement. Foster home agrees to at all times operate within said laws, ordinances and regulations. Should Foster home's failure to operate within those guidelines result in citations or the seizure of animals by governmental authorities, including SRCI foster animal, foster home agrees to immediately inform SRCI of the action, and assume the cost of fines or legal fees associated with reclaiming the animal or animals. I understand that the Shelties that I have agreed to foster home for Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana have an unknown background; and, therefore, the temperaments cannot be predicted. I also understand that SRCI has made no promises or representations concerning the temperament of these Shelties or their fitness as a pet or for any other purpose. Further, I understand that SRCI or any individual member will not be responsible for any problems or injuries caused by these Shelties.