Abby Fonner

Abby Fonner: 7/31/1999 to 8/8/2013


Abby was rescued from rat bites and an abusive home when she came into rescue in July of 2006. (Thank goodness her former owner was prosecuted and found guilty.) Abby’s poor little ears were mangled as a result of injuries never being taken care of. She was our 3rd SRCI foster.

Abby had skin problems and smelled horribly from a yeast infection. When she was spayed, our vet found old internal injuries but Abby was a survivor and came through like a champ.

Abby was shy and skittish initially and didn’t like to walk on the grass. After a short while with us she sought attention and affection like our other two dogs. She made the fuzzy woobies squeak and squeak and squeak – driving everyone crazy. Abby continued to blossom and became a daddy’s girl (Princess Abby, as she was affectionately called by her dad). She was very comfortable being held and settled in, quite cozily. Our vet thought she was between 6 and 8 years old. We went with a birthday of 7/31/99 – which officially made her 7 years old.

We couldn’t bear to let Abby go to another home so she became a Fonner at the end of August, 2007. We learned 1st hand what it meant to be a “failed foster”.

What a character! She was strong willed and tried to rule the roost. She made us laugh, especially when she made her woobies squeak. We wondered if that’s how she got out her frustrations. She liked the next dog we fostered: Maggie. But, after Maggie, Abby never got along with or liked another foster. There were eleven more, and she didn’t like any of them!

Abby’s skin problems got worse so we had her tested for allergies. We learned that Abby was allergic to grass, rice, chicken, eggs and a whole slew of other things. She took both prednisone and hydroxyzine on alternate days. It took a couple of years but Abby’s skin and coat drastically improved.

In May of 2007 we took Abby on her first vacation to the Smoky Mountains. She loved it! She did great in the car and enjoyed all the new smells. Here she is walking with us back to the cabin. “Hey, wait for me, mom and dad….."

Abby never learned to play with toys but did enjoy playing with us. Her Phantom of the Opera face attracted a lot of attention. Abby looked like two different dogs depending on which side of her face you were looking at. She helped us pass out candy at Halloween that 1st year. She was very comfortable being held and settled in, quite cozily.

A year or so ago, Abby started having problems getting up and then walking. Our vet said she would eventually lose her ability to walk. We tried a cart to help her get around. Everyone thought she would love it and would be able to get around. Abby fooled us all – she hated her cart and moved only when necessary. She had mostly lost the use of her back legs and one of her front legs had arthritis. Our prayers were that when it was Abby’s time - that she would go peacefully in her sleep.

March 2011 – Abby chilling in the Smokies

(our favorite photo and how we will always remember her)


Abby took her last breath while we were at a meeting at church. We found her in her bed curled up and she appeared to be sleeping. She was now our angel, free from her physical limitations.

Over the years, we’ve gone on many adventures together, laughed a lot and made many memories. We will never forget our little Princess Abby, a cherished member of our family.

On August 8th, 2013, Abby left us but Roo, Petey, Shelby, Tigger and Kayla were all waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you!