Shelby Too


I am writing to let you know of Shelby Too, his life and his death.

Shelby died with us by his side, on March 11, 2014 after sending  the majority of his life with us.  He was my best friend along with my wife Pam.

When he was younger, I would ride my bike and he would run alongside.  He liked that a lot.

Shelby was always ready to travel, which we did often.  We travelled twice a month to Mammoth Cave Kentucky where we stayed at our cabin.  Shelby was not fond of the stairs, but he loved going for hikes in the Mammoth Cave hills.   One of his favorite picnics was corn on the cob, with lite butter and a smidgen of salt - no pepper. Shelby always behaved when we stayed in hotels. When we stopped while travelling is about the only time he was leashed.  The day you dropped him off at our house, I took him off his leash.  He never left the yard.

When we went to St. Louis to visit the grandkids, he liked to watch the activity of the kids.  While skittish a bit with baby's, he learned to be very good with kids.

My wife Pam travelled to Washington DC every week for six years on a DOD project. While she was away, Shelby was my companion.  In the winters I would sit on the couch in the mornings before work and hold him.  I think liked the comfort of being held and rubbed in front of the fire.   I know I liked it.

We went almost everywhere together.  In the spring when I was planting, he would go along.  He loved the woods and enjoyed sitting by the bonfire.  While not fond of water, he like to go and sit with us when fishing, and if you were not careful, he would jump up into your seat when you got up and smile at you.

Shelby like to sit in the living room or bedroom along the sliding glass door, look outside while his head rested on his pillow.  He would give me lots of kisses, and liked giving kisses to the grandkids and hear them giggle.  Last Friday when he was getting worse, he gave me more kisses than he had in a long, long time.

I could go on about the good times we had together.

Simply: I will miss him greatly.  He was family.


Jeff Anderson