Malaysia, Archie, Shadow, Allie, Miss Millie, Tj, And Sadie


Malaysia passed away at 14 years old. She was my soul mate, my buddy, the best companion I could have ever asked for. I don’t remember now exactly how I was led to Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana, but what Malaysia had together can never be repaid. There are tears and sadness, but remembering the joy we shared somehow overcomes this. We had 11 WONDERFUL years together. I can only hope, as is promised, that we will meet again and have a joyful reunion. I love you, Malaysia.






Dec. 3, 2007

Archie was a little stray found walking the streets of Indianapolis and taken to the local shelter.  No one claimed him and he would have been put down if not for Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana.  He was rescued and taken to the adoption coordinators home for evaluation.  Archie was about 14 yrs old and not in the best condition. His legs didn't seem to work very well and he would fall down numerous times. He had a hard time getting up but he kept trying until he made it.  He needed neutering and dental work and did not look like the best candidate for adoption.  Yet he had that little spark of determination, courage and "spunk" and it was decided to place him in a permanent foster home to live out his days.  He settled in his new surroundings and immediately took over my house and my heart.  Archie didn't know that he was handicapped. He was like the little engine that could and he never gave up  He enjoyed laying in the spring sunshine on the deck and rolling in the new green grass and getting his tummy tickled. He was so sweet and affectionate that he made every day a happy day.  Spring passed into summer and fall and Archie was finding it harder and harder to get up and he slept more and then one day he stopped eating. I could see the signs that the end was near and my heart ached knowing that his days were numbered.  On that fateful day he went out into the yard and fell down and could no longer get up. I carried him into the house and made that dreaded call to the vet. 

Archie passed to the Rainbow bridge Dec. 3, 2007. He lives on in my heart.  






October 30, 2006

Today I lost my sweet Shadow. She will be missed.  Shadow came into rescue in May have 2002 when her owner could no longer care for her.  She had been used for breeding purposes in the past, She was first fostered by Rita Ubelhor and when Rita had some medical problems of her own, Shadow came to live with me in May of 2003.  I adopted her in June of 2003.  Her sweet disposition and spunk is what drew me to her.  She had a role to play in my home and it was to keep all the new foster boys in check.  They soon learned as they came into my home that she was the Queen B.  She was in control and everyone had to stay out of her way. I knew about 6 months ago that she was slowing down when she quit jumping up in her chair and allowed one of the other dogs to take it over.  Then in March of this year, I acquired a new puppy and Shadow rallied to the challenge.  She loved my new puppy and played daily with him until two days ago.  Up until two days ago, she would have a daily run at the fence and play briefly with Cappy.  She always initiated the play being the complete control freak that she was.  I had over 3 years with this gentle giant of a sheltie and loved every minute of it.  She will be missed by everyone in my household. 








October 2006

Allie has given me so much pleasure since my fiancée, now my wife Renee, brought her into our house over 2.5 yrs ago for my birthday. She was the best birthday gift, by far, that I have ever received. We were best buddies from the beginning. Little did I know that she was my doggie “soul mate”. She adored me as much as I adored her. I know in my heart that she could not have had a better home. I just wish we had more years together.

She was only 6 yrs old when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We decided against the Chemo and chose to make her as comfortable as possible for her last few months here. She left on a good day. She didn’t appear to be suffering, but the Lymphoma was getting worse and we knew it was only a matter of time. We laid her to rest on Friday, October 6th, 2006.

She was still able to have a fairly normal life her last few months. We gave her anything she wanted to eat. I was cooking chicken on the grill for her every night. She ate better than we did. We adopted a 3-month old Sheltie puppy a few weeks ago named Matilda (Mattie). She actually brought some life back into Allie. Allie was playing with the puppy and enjoying it most of the time. Every once in a while, she would show some frustration with Mattie. I figured that was one of Allie’s off days. Of course, Allie still claimed me as hers. After all, she was my Allie.

I appreciate all the concerns and support from the Sheltie Rescue. Shelties have a way into our hearts. Unless you’ve ever owned one, it is hard to explain the love for this breed.

I will once again see Allie at Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye Allie. I love you. -- Carl





Miss Millie didn't get to spend nearly long enough time as a member of our family missing her one year anniversary by about two weeks. We can't really believe it was that short a time as she was such an integral part of the family Millie was a beautiful 9 year old blue merle girl when she came to us. She had the bluest, brightest eyes that showed her love, devotion, and interest in everything, and a pretty tail that waved with kindness. She loved to play ball and her favorite place to be was with her people and preferably on our laps. We were fortunate to be with her until the end and that she didn't have a prolonged illness. No, Miss Mille didn't get to be with us as long as we would have liked, but every day a great joy and a great memory until we see her again.





TJ was our first foster dog for SRCI. He was an angel that flew in the Edwards' household. The first day that Kim saw TJ he had her wrapped around his paw. It was love at first sight. On February 14, 2002 TJ officially received the Edwards' last name - mommy's Valentine's  Day present. He loved to follow mommy around everywhere she went. You always knew when it was time for bed, as TJ would just sit there and stare at you as if to say "Come on, it's past our bedtime". TJ was a silly little boy when it came to snow. He loved to go out and just roll in the snow, no matter how deep or how cold. When it was time too come in TJ would just stare at you and when you tried to go out and get him he would run off, playing his little game. So in the end, he would just stay out there until HE was ready to come into the nice warm house. Had we been told we only had 15 months with TJ in our life, we wouldn't have changed a thing. Knowing and loving TJ for the short time we had together was worth every minute. TJ, we will miss your sweet little face and loving kisses that you enjoyed to give so much. You will live  on in our hearts forever. We love you. Take care of Sadie.



From the very moment that Sadie walked into our house as our foster dog, we knew she was home to say. Why you ask? She was the first female foster that went right up to Jason and loved all over him, without shying away first. Sadie became a permanent member of the Edwards' household on November 6, 2002. "Sad Eye" as we lovingly nickname her, loved to go on car rides and go outside. She also loved to play games with daddy - sometimes I think daddy had more fun with the games they played than Sadie did. Sadie was daddy's sunshine. We are blessed to have known Sadie and being able to make her happy for the short time she was in our lives. Sadly, at the young age of 8 years old, Sadie crossed over Rainbow Bridge to be with her brother T.J. Sadie, we will miss hearing your barking to greet us at the door and seeing the sparkle in your eyes. You will always be in our hearts and remembered in our home. Thank you or sharing some special time and giving us some wonderful memories. We love you. Take care of TJ.