Macy, Honey and JJ, Colby, Laddie Joe, Cookie and Buddie

Macy who was adopted by Ward & Bette Hutchkin




My first contact with any rescue group was when I answered an urgent message that came across a sheltie board. Help was needed to get 2 shelties from a shelter in NW Ohio. I answered and found myself headed west on the turnpike early the next day. I finally found the shelter, way out in the country. The warden was so kind to open the shelter for me on a Sunday morning. Little waifs were wandering around inside and while the dog warden was preparing the paper work I sat on the floor to talk to them. She was telling me that neither of the dogs would take a treat from me or get near me... just as JJ had nuzzled my hand and asked for another tidbit. Honey was near, keeping an eye on her youngster, and finally taking her treat from my hand also. I felt kind of proud to have been given their trust in the first few minutes that I me them. We loaded them up in the car, JJ anxious and whining a little, standing guard over his mother for the first couple of miles., I kept talking and singing to them, I didn't realize that they were dear. I had been told I guess, but they both seemed so responsive to me that I kept forgetting. By the time I reached Dayton they were settled in and dozing. Being early, I hopped into the back seat to talk some more with  my passengers... big mistake. Anyone that knew JJ had to be aware of his great spirit. His quiet, noble bearing, how he cared for his momma dog, Honey. And Honey looked after her little boy. The first thing they did upon awaking was to nuzzle each other, little sheltie kisses and ear licks. Looking into their trusting eyes, hugging them as they crawled into my lap, I could not resist, I fell in love. The Precious Secret girls shoed up and I had helped load them into their car. All the way home I couldn't help thinking of them. So... several months later, a new fence up and all inspected, I headed to Indiana to pick them up again! I had almost 2 years with these little ones, more then I had expected, considering the health problems and age issues. Honey was around 14 years old, we had been fighting kidney failure and heart problems, she was becoming weak and disorientated. Our last few days she laid on a pillow I put in the living room for her. I would let her out to do her business, but would have to carry her back in. JJ kept watch and rarely left his momma's side. I called the vet and she took me right in. I held my momma dog, my Honey dog as she drifted to sleep, promising her to take care of her boy. Being mid winter, I could not bring her home, I came home alone.  JJ looked around for a long time, thin just laid on Honey's pillow for the rest of the day. It broke my hear, but I couldn't take the pillow from him, that became his place. JJ followed his mother less then 3 months later. We battled chronic heart failure and started having seizers and getting  so weak. So many tears, but so many good memories. I buried my JJ in the woods beside a creek. I would like to thank all the people that made it possible for me to have these amazing creatures, if only for a short time. they taught me so much, I hope I can reflect their quiet dignity, the way they cared for each other and the love they shared wit me. To have earned their love and trust is one of my greatest accomplishments. I shall always treasure my memories with them and with my current rescue dog, Robyn and I'm sure any more to come.





Colby passed over the Rainbow Bridge on

July 8, 2003.

Although he had many medical problems that prevented him from finding his forever home, his life touched many people both inside and outside Rescue.  His two foster Moms loved him dearly for his sweet sole.  He will undoubtedly have all the carrots he can eat on the other side of the rainbow.





Laddie Joe passed over the Rainbow Bridge on

July 22, 2003.

Laddie Joe was more than loved and adored by all in rescue, but he was also loved by his new family. Laddie Joe was in rescue after his previous owner had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Much too all of our surprise Laddie Joe too was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. On June 23, 2003 our very own Dr. Cindy Baker preformed surgery to remove a large tumor under his front leg and a small one under his eye.

Unfortunately Laddie Joe's cancer was not curable and therefore he has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. All of our prayers and hearts go out to the many people who were able to help and love Laddie and to Dr. Baker for all of her efforts.





Cookie passed over the Rainbow Bridge on

October 9, 2003

Cookie was thought to be a 10 year old, sable and white, female, who stood 15" at the shoulder and weighed 21 lbs. Cookie was a stray, so little was known about her, including her age, which our volunteer veterinarian, Dr. Cindy Baker, has informed us that she was about 15 years of age . She was a sweetheart and like many older dogs slept a lot. She got along well with cats and dogs, even when the other dogs tried to bowl her over. Cookie was displaying signs of kidney damage. As time passed Cookie worsened quickly. Her foster mom and dad kept her comfortable and loved her with all their hearts. We also want to thank them for taking the time out of their busy lives to love and care for Cookie during her time of need. Our thoughts are with them during this hard time.






Buddy Passed over the Rainbow Bridge on

October 19, 2003

Buddy came into foster care at the age of 8 years old. He was a light sable and white, neutered male that stood 17” tall and weighed 25 lbs. Buddy didn't make friends very easily, his best friend while in rescue was his foster mom, Dr. Baker. She and Buddy worked hard together too figure out what his needs  were and how they could be met. Dr. Baker came to the conclusion that Buddy had several health problems along with behavioral problems. His aggressions were escalating to the point where he could not be trusted to be around anyone or any other animal. He had bitten his rescuers on several occasions. The biting was becoming more frequent. Buddy was loved during his time in rescue. Love was not enough to save Buddy and after several months of trying to help him work through his problems, we released him from his body to run free waiting for his loved ones at the rainbow bridge.