Piper, Eli, Shadow Felix, Penny, Misty and Josie


Piper Passed over the Rainbow Bridge on

November 4, 2003


Piper, you seemed like such a happy little girl all the time. You had a carefree attitude and were always wearing that sheltie smile. You'd been through so much before coming into rescue being attacked by other dogs twice and hit by a fire truck and then you lost your human. As a member of our family you had something you hadn't had before, a fenced yard where you were safe and could enjoy the freedom of running off a lead. You were just learning to play with toys. It was such a joy to see you having fun. We will remember you sitting up for treats, putting your head on our knees for attention, and the fact you twirled backwards from most shelties. We will remember how quickly you endeared people to you with your kindness. You were with us such a short time but thank you for being a part of our lives and our family. We love you and will miss you, Piper girl.



Eli Passed over the Rainbow Bridge on

November 3, 2003


Eli was adopted by Jeri Cox on September 2, 1995. The minute he came into

my home, he was at home!  Eli's story is that he was found wandering around Eli Lilly and Company and a nice man found him and contacted Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana, Inc..  The rest is history. I had Eli for eight wonderful years!  Eli was loved my myself and my Mom for all those years.  I recently lost my Mom and of course Eli and it has been very hard for me.  Sheltie Rescue, no matter what club, is dedicated to finding homes for all the Shelties that need a home and love! I have since adopted "Lady" from Sheltie Rescue of Greater Lafayette and and we needed each other and I am grateful to all the Sheltie Rescue's that make it possible! The minute Lady came into my home also, she was at home.


Eli, thank you for being a friend and loving companion.  I hope you know how much you were loved and will be missed.


Shadow Felix Passed over the Rainbow Bridge on

December 12, 2003


He was an active amateur athlete, participating in local fun events and fetch and tug o' war. Shadow was also very patriotic and civic minded. After moving to his new home he single-handedly spearheaded a committee of one to alert a 5 mile radius of terrorist rabbits. He was also a great peace keeper, breaking up and disputes between his feline roommates. Shadow was much loved by his mom, Melody and his canine sister Susie as well as his many feline companions. He is and will be greatly missed.



Penny Passed over the Rainbow Bridge on

 February 29, 2004



Misty Passed over the Rainbow Bridge on

July 10, 2004



One of God's precious little creatures to all who knew her. Where did she come from and what had she been through. Only Misty knew the answers and we will never know. You only had to look into her soulful eyes to know that she must have experienced both happy and sad times. How many homes has she been part of and how many lives had she touched.


When I first saw Misty something in those eyes reached into my heart and I knew that I wanted her to be with me as long as time would allow. Little did I know that she would be taken from me suddenly only 11 short months later. Loving memories? Yes, there are many... too numerous to put into words but they will be with me forever. I think of her and I smile... through my tears. I will never forget her and am very thankful that she spent her final days with me. She was loved and will never be forgotten.




Josie Passed over the Rainbow Bridge

1995 - 2004