Starlight, Cocoa, Tillie, Daisy, and Spencer Bare



July 16, 1992 - September 3,




Starlight came into rescue after her owner died.  So scared in the beginning.  She had learned to get love, pats and yummy treats from her foster Mom.  She had gone from scared to wagging her tail when her name was called.  Starlight never fully recovered from surgery to remove a very large tumor.  She was suffering greatly when the good Doctor and her foster Mom decided that it was time for Starlight to go meet her former master.  She will be greatly missed in her foster home.






December 9,





April 21st 1991 - February 15th 2005

Lady Tiletha CDX, NA, NJP. aka Tillie   April 21st 1991 - February 15th 2005.

You were only with me for 2 years, 1 month and 10 days but you found a big place in my heart. Lady Grace, Winter and I all miss you.  You taught me many things including the joy of an old girl who loves to be included!  Obedience, Agility and Tricks were lots of fun for you and you got mad when you didn't get your cheese.  You also got mad when I left you home, there was no toilet tissue roll safe and no food left on the table. Now I can finally put the rolls back on their holders!  I hope you are having fun with your Sheltie friends at the Bridge until we meet again.



On Friday, April 8, 2005, our dear Daisy lost her difficult battle with a rare disorder called megaesophagus (ME) caused by Myesthania Gravis.  She tolerated 7 weeks of treatment with medication along with an unusual way of having to eat while sitting up in a specially designed chair.  She was very acceptable to everything we were doing; almost knowing we were trying our best to help her.

I remember the first time we met Daisy.  We had made a trip to Lafayette during the Christmas season to deliver special treats to Hank, a great dog we attempted to adopt, but for some reason didn’t work out.  During our visit we met Daisy, who just happened to be with Peg that weekend, and Cathy fell in love with her.  Daisy picked out Cathy right away and started laying her head on her lap, really making up to her.  That is all it took – the next thing we were doing was making plans for the adoption.  Daisy turned out to be one of the greatest dogs we could have found. 

Daisy was an instant hit when we visited PetSmart for our monthly visit to promote Sheltie Rescue.  She was such a great ambassador for the group, because she greeted everyone that would stop to pet her.  She always wanted to shake hands with the kids and would tolerate anything they did to her.  She also became quite the beggar – she knew every cashier in the stores and really knew how to ask for treats.  More times than not, she would have everyone laughing at the way she worked.  She was one of those dogs that could look at you with those big brown eyes and get anything she wanted.

Daisy will be missed by all, but her memories will always be with us.  We keep pictures of her on display to always have a reminder of how wonderful she was.  She was truly a member of our family.

God speed Daisy.  Wait for us at the “Rainbow Bridge” and we will see you again when we leave this world to join you there.


Spencer Bare  1993-May 8, 2005


Spencer spent a few days in the Ft. Wayne shelter after his human had passed away. He was then taken into rescue and delivered to us as our first foster Sheltie. He was still grieving over his lost human, and it took him about two weeks to show us his true personality. He was about eight years old at the time but he still had plenty of energy and frequently played like a puppy with our other dogs. He learned our routine quickly and was eager to please us. He had a gentle nature, and taught us what was needed to be a good foster home. Spencer was a patient teacher, which was necessary, as we were sometimes slow learners.


We thought at his age it might be hard to find a good home for him as many families seem to want younger dogs. Were we ever wrong. Soon Paula and Michael Bare showed up at Best Friends Pet Resort where there was an adoption event. Things went well and paperwork was quickly filled out to start the process.  The Bares could not believe an older guy, perfect manners, gorgeous full coat, tipped ears & nobody wanted him. The tension ran high in the Bare household as they waited to see if they would be approved as adopters. Soon the home visit was completed, references checked and the humans involved in the process came to the same conclusion Spencer had over a week ago: the Bares would provide him a good home. When Paula and Michael come over to pick him up there were tears of sadness and tears of joy. We were sad because Spencer had become part of our life and he would be leaving our household, and we were happy for Spencer who was going to his forever home.


Spencer had four glorious years with the Bares, but today they were parted. A few weeks ago Spencer was diagnosed with cancer, and by today it became apparent that his spirit needed to be released from his failing body. He now frolics with the other furkids at the rainbow bridge.


Thank you, Spencer, for sharing your time with us and teaching us how to help other Shelties. You were a true gentleman.