SIMBA--Aug. 11, 2009
We got our precious Simba from SRCI on October 7, 2007 when he was 9 years old.  Simba was dearly loved and adored, and here are just some of the reasons why.  He was very sensitive to our emotions, attentive, gentle, smart, selflessly obedient, eager to please, and a silly and playful fuzz ball.  He was a beautiful sheltie with thick, show-quality hair.  When he was talked to in an affectionate, silly way and had his back rubbed, he'd talk back in long, happy groans and ahh's in varying pitches.  He'd become all excited whenever we started playing with his sheltie brother Panda and the toys, and he made the same happy, hilarious talking noises.
When we first got him, he wasn't used to playing, and he'd get SO excited and happy that he frothed at the mouth!  When Panda came in from outside, gentle Simba met him at the door and started chewing on his back!  (At first, we couldn't figure out why some of the hair on Panda's back was shorter in a few places!)  When we'd watch a movie and gasp at a scary or surprising scene,  Simba darted up from a nap to come to our aid!  During scary thunderstorms at night, Simba crept out of his bedroom so as not to wake up his mom (Connie) and sought out the night owl on the couch (Lisa) for comfort, and he cuddled close and eventually fell asleep in her lap.
If a fly was swatted or Panda was disciplined or something else unpleasant occurred, the sensitive guy subtly turned around and walked out of the room!  Everyone who met him became endeared to him, including his very first rescue home and the emergency vet staff who attended to him at the end of his life.  When Simba left this earth, unusual rainbow-colored glowing patches appeared, one-by-one, for a time in the sky.  We think it was God escorting Simba on the path to heaven.  As someone said, "It is an angel's destiny to return home."
--Connie and Lisa Wilson,
sheltie brother Panda, and cat sisters Shadow and Calico