Hello to all you still down there on earth! This is Rusty talking at you from the bridge.


How can I discribe this place? Well, it's the most awesome place I have ever been. The colors are so bright and clear. I never have seen colors like this and the sun shines all the time but it's not hot like it gets down there sometimes.


That pain I had in my belly is gone and I feel great! Never hungry as there are tons of stuff to eat and the water in the stream under the bridge is so cool and clear. I have a lot of sheltie friends here and some of them are from SRCI just like I was.


Simba is here. His foster Mom was my foster Mom too. And there's Maggie, Dayton, and Louie. Gosh they are all here! They want me to tell everybody down there they are doing fine like me.


They only thing is we miss our family and while we are waiting for you all to join us, we want you to know we are feeling fine and doing well and not to worry about us. Things are great here and we will be still waiting no matter how long it takes for you to join us.


We know how much we were loved and how sad you were when we left but it's OK here and it is a good place to be while we wait for you. Don't worry and know we still love you even though you had to help some of us get here as we know it was the best thing and the most unselfish thing you could do for us.


Mom, we had a short time to be together down there on Earth but just think of all the time we will be spending together once you get here. I don't mind waiting no matter how long it takes and I know you are thinking of me and still love me.


And I want you to do one thing for me, OK? Go to SRCI and get another Sheltie to love while I am waiting for you. There are so many that need your love and maybe that will ease the pain while you finish your time before joining me.


Just remember though, I am doing really great and don't worry about me!


Gotta go! There's birds to be herded up into the sky. What's really cool is I hear we get wings when we get to heaven. That's really neat cause then I can finally catch those little birds then.


See ya soon!