2001-2005 President-Phil Majer

Phil Majer



Phil Majer has been president of Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana ( SRCI ) for four good years now.  As most of you know, he has decided not to run for office this year.   Phil joined SRCI almost six years ago, when he adopted his first rescue Sheltie, Casey( who is now 9 yrs ).  After what he calls, a little “arm twisting,” he decided to approach the job with a willingness to learn.  He first thought a member who was involved with fostering would be an ideal President, but soon learned that each position was an entire job in itself.  He now hopes to continuehis work with the ways and means committee and enjoy the various group activities throughout the year.

Now,  to the most important point:  Phil is owned bytwo Shelties ( at this time! ), Casey ( the lady responsible for bringing him to our attention ), who is a sable merle and Charlotte, a sable female  age 5-6.  The Shelties of his past were Lassie, Millie, and Piper.  His household today also includes Claudia, the “ CAATTT “, who is a black and white, shorthair, female, about 5 years.

What was his first experience with a Sheltie?  Phil answers, “When I got out of college and bought my first house, I wanted a dog.  I had settled on a Sheltie ( I watched Lassie growing up but didn’t want a big dog ), or an American Eskimo ( I thought they were cute).  I really didn’t research breed characteristics, which I know now was an error, but I lucked out.”   He knew he wanted an adult, so,  adopted a 4 year old female Sheltie, who had been used for breeding.  “Lassie” owned Phil for nine years.  “She was the perfect little lady and hooked me on shelties forever.”

I learned that Phil was one of the lucky ones who had pets “waiting for him to come home from the hospital.”  There was a miniature black Poodle and two cats, then more Poodles as he grew older.  It seems Phil comes from a long line of rescuers.  His grandparents, who raised him, always had pets around and his Mom had as many as 20 rescue dogs at one time.  Feeding often took over an hour and kept her and her husband pretty close to home.  I imagine some of us know that feeling!   The strays that were lucky enough to cross his Mother’s path had a forever home when the ownerss could not be located.No wonder he grew up to be president of SRCI !

He has managed to develop a varied and interesting life around the Shelties.  Woodworking and gardening are of primary interest.  Working around his pond is a favorite place.   He has designed and built his own house and many of the tables, cabinets and a desk inside.  This do-it-yourselfer admits he has at times bitten off more than he could chew.   Because of his love of travel, he has been “around the US and Canada, some in the Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.”  In the past he has dabbled in stained glass and still enjoys hiking, canoeing and being out doors.

What does Phil see in the future of SRCI?  To help the Shelties in our area find their forever homes by working along with other rescue groups (and maintaining our good working relationships with them) to find good foster homes, educate the public in areas of spay/neuter, pet overpopulation, puppy mills, the joy of our senior dogs and good pet care!  He reminds us all that it is all for the benefit of the Shelties we serve.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and interests with us, Phil.