2007-2008, 2010-2011 President-John Mountford

JOHN MOUNTFORD-President 2007-2008, 2010-2011


Being president for SRCI is no biggy for John as he has held the position before in the past.


Probably best known for the annual picnics held in August every year, is what we knowingly think of whenever John Mountford's name comes up. Also the annual SRCI Yard Sale takes place at his home in Martinsville, IN as well.


The first time I met John and Debbie, John's wife, was when they came to our home to do a home visit for our approval to adopt our one current Sheltie, Kira. That was about seven years ago and my first contact with anybody from SRCI.


Now it has led to many other things on my part from home visits I have done to becoming webmistress for this website.


In the past few years John and Debbie have taken in pregnant shelties brought to SRCI or dogs that still were nursing puppies. They have lovingly raised these wonderful needful dogs in their home until they were weaned and properly adopted out.


We at SRCI have enjoyed the many “You Tube” vidios that John has put up on the internet about the ongoing development of each of the litters they have raised.


John also posts a lot of donated sheltie items up on Ebay for the group in order to raise more money for shelties needing homes. Also because of John, SRCI now has a Facebook page, which in the short time it has existed, is now boasting over 340 members.


Over all, John Mountford has been one of the best assets to this groups needs and I am certainly one that hopes to see him continue to be involved as long as it is possible.


Live long and prosper, John!!!