Jewel, 1144

Sable and White


14 yrs. old

17 ins tall

33 lbs.

Updated 5/15/2017

Jewel #1144

Jewel is a very sweet laid back girl who came from a breeder where she was never allowed to know the feeling of cozy carpeting below her feet or lots of hugs each night. In the time she has been in rescue she has adapted well in her foster home. Jewel enjoys the comfort of being inside and watching tv with her humans.
She is easy going with all ages of children, other dogs, and cats. This girl moves at her own pace and appears independent of other dogs even though she gets along well with them. She has a slight stutter to her front right paw, but it doesn't seem to slow her down much. A home without stairs would be best for her in her senior years, however, she is able to use the few stairs to go outside at her foster home currently.
Jewel walks very well on a leash and just needs someone to spoil her and show her the love she deserves. She would also be great for someone who is home most of the time with her because she loves company, however, has no anxiety issues. She has been known to sneak a toy from the toy box now and again when nobody's looking.
She also doesn't mind being groomed and will leave bows in her hair as long as you let herJewel also barks and alerts her foster home to any visitors, however, is otherwise very quiet. This girl wags her tail and comes to the door to greet her foster family each time they come home. If you want a lovable low maintenance senior, she is your girl.