Charlie - 1190


Male 4 yrs old. (2013)

19 ins. tall

34 lbs.

Updated 8/12/17

Charlie #1190

Adults only / Fenced-in yard a must
History: Charlie was an owner-surrender. He lived mostly outside on a farm and was outside once in a storm, possibly a tornado.
Charlie is a very smart, high-energy Sheltie who learns quickly and adapts to new situations well. He would do well in a home with another dog who likes to play. His foster family takes him to doggy daycare twice a week because he loves to play with other dogs (and his foster siblings do not).
A fenced in yard is a must because Charlie likes to patrol the yard and chase off intruders (birds, other critters, buses, motorcycles, loud people walking on the sidewalk, etc.).  
Charlie does well traveling in the car. He behaves when left at home with his two foster siblings. Charlie’s foster dad takes him for long walks twice a day. We use an easy walker and he does well with it. He gets excited when he sees the leash because he loves to go on walks. He has learned his place in our pack and is fed last and in his crate. He waits patiently to be fed and heads to his crate and sits when we set our dogs’ bowls on the floor. We added a tricky treat ball to his feeding regimen because of his need for stimulation. Half of his food is placed in the tricky treat ball and he loves pushing it around until all but one piece of food falls out.
Charlie has come a long way since he came into rescue in July of 2016. Charlie attended and graduated from beginner’s obedience class. He learned the commands sit, down, stay, and wait. The staff fell in love with Charlie saying he’s a “sweet boy” and is very gentle.
Charlie can be a strong-willed boy and needs a strong, firm pack leader. When he doesn’t get enough exercise and/or mental stimulation, Charlie can get into mischief (taking toilet paper off the roll, chewing on paper or towels within his reach, etc.) He’s not destructive and redirects easily, responding well to a firm “no” or “uhh”. Because of his strong play drive, Charlie likes interactive toys that release treats. When Charlie was going through his training, his trainer said that he likes to “mouth-spar”. He likes to use his mouth (gently) during play and to get you to play with him and to show affection. He will nibble and/or tug on your clothing but a quick redirection or “no” will stop this. (He may accidentally put a hole in clothing if you’re not paying attention when he’s playing.)
Charlie does not like storms and can be stubborn and difficult to persuade to come in if it begins to thunder and lightning while he is outside. He will race around the yard, barking at the thunder, leaping in the air. A thunder shirt has helped to calm him somewhat in storms so he doesn’t pace as much. He is calmest in severe storms with his thunder shirt on and next to his foster dad on the bed.
One odd habit of Charlie’s is that unlike most dogs, he does not go outside to potty first thing in the morning. After breakfast, we make sure he takes care of business before we leave for work. Sometimes his morning walk does the trick.



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