Charlie - 1190


Male 3 yrs old. (2013)

19 ins. tall

51 lbs.

Updated 11/12/2016

Charlie #1190

Update 11/6/2016
Charlie has definitely settled in. He has especially bonded with his foster dad. They rough house and take a lot of walks together. Charlie has a new favorite toy: empty toilet paper rolls or toilet paper. Sometimes he tries to help his cause by emptying the “roll”. We have discovered that Charlie only goes after toilet paper when he gets bored. He needs to lose a bit of weight and has adapted to his food mixed with green beans well.
Charlie requires a fenced in yard. He likes to patrol the yard and chase off intruders (buses, motorcycles, loud people walking on the sidewalk, etc.). We think a thunder shirt may be a help to him in severe thunderstorms. He paces constantly and barks at the thunder.
Charlie does well traveling in the car. Charlie behaves when left at home with his two foster siblings. Charlie’s a smart boy who listens well and redirects easily but would definitely benefit with obedience training (positive reinforcement).Charlie needs a strong owner(s) who will understand his personality and lead the pack. He has learned his place in our pack and is fed last and in his crate. He waits patiently to be fed and heads to his crate and sits when we set our dogs’ bowls on the floor.
He has a strong play drive. Charlie has done well with interactive toys but also likes to “nibble” on us or our clothes to show affection, to initiate play time or simply to get your attention.
Charlie still looks forward to his morning and evening walks. He is learning to tolerate having his foster sister along even though it slows him down. Charlie is quite the power walker! His foster sister likes to “stop and smell the roses”. He has recently discovered that the love seat is a great place to lounge and nap or snuggle with foster dad.


Charlie came into rescue as an owner surrender. He lived mostly outside on a farm and was out during a tornado once. It took him a few days to settle in at his foster home. His “safe  place” was on a soft mat under the kitchen table. We were told he favored women over men but that hasn’t proven true at our house. Charlie loves his foster dad and wants to be with him constantly. 


Charlie’s coat was sunburned and severely matted. He had two tennis ball sized mats behind each ear.  We could tell he was uncomfortable because he rubbed on the furniture as he walked by and rolled in the grass constantly to get some relief.  Unfortunately, Charlie had to be shaved. He now looks like a completely different dog. He is more relaxed and playful now that his coat isn’t bothering him.


Charlie doesn’t like storms. The first storm we had, Charlie was outside barking at the thunder and lightning, seemingly trying to get it to go away.  He was reluctant to come in even when it started raining. He can be stubborn at times.  We learned that Charlie will not potty outside while it is storming, and will hold it until the storm passes – even for 14 hours. That was his only accident in the house. He has done great since then.

Charlie is a very active dog and needs regular walking and playtime. He seems to be a bit of a night owl, wanting to play and getting his second wind around 8 PM. We play with him and take him for a brisk walk. When Charlie gets bored, he starts to chew on the mat or rug. He redirects easily but must be monitored. Charlie tries to play with our two Shelties to no avail. He would do best in a home with active adults and older children only.

Like a lot of Shelties, he seems to be a protective dog, guarding his family, his territory and sometimes food. Charlie will bark at most strange noises. His favorite things to bark at are school buses, dump trucks, fire trucks, motorcycles, and storms.

Won’t you consider Charlie as an addition to your family?