In SRCI care since December 2016

12 - 13 inches tall

10.6 pounds

March 19, 2017

Sammie came into rescue in December 2016 when her previous owners felt they could not afford her ongoing care. She had been diagnosed with irritable bowel disease through an endosopy. She requires prescription food and is currently on prednilosone to control inflammation in her GI tract. She has elevated liver values due to the prednilosone and has
been started on milk thistle to help her liver. She seems to tolerate that well.

However, if she manages to get even a piece of regular dog food, she has loose stools for a day or so. She is fast so if something is accidentally dropped, Sammie has it before her foster mom is able to bend over. She is a smart girl and watches the floor, not me, when I am in the kitchen. Stress also causes her to have stool problems. So far there has been no vomiting, although that was one of her reported problems.

Sammie sleeps in a crate in bedroom at night and does ask to go out at night, usually only once. One time she couldn't wake her foster mom up, and foster mom got to clean and shampoo the carpet.Sammie kicks the crate tray part way out of the crate and does her business at the back. Then she sleeps on the clean area. After this also happened during the day, while her foster mom was out of the house for a few hours, Sammie now stays in a crate in the kitchen during those times.

Sammie is a tiny girl, 12-13 inches tall, and only weighs 10.6 pounds. She needs to gain weight, but is maintaining her weight. To see her and her behavior, you would not know she has the health issues she does. One slip up with food, and you are quickly reminded that she does.

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