Angel - 1210



In SRCI care since June 2017

8 - 9 years old


April 5, 2018

Angel - #1210

Angel came into rescue on June 3, after she was surrendered to the shelter the previous day.  The previous owners gave 'moving and couldn't take her' as the reason.    They were understood to say Angel was 16, and did not provide any vet records. Her current vet believes that she is actually 8 to 9 years old.  Because of her current condition, she has not yet been given any vaccinations.

Her skin is covered with yeast and she did have a staph infection, although that has cleared up with antibiotics.   Angel is getting medicated baths to help with the yeast, along with an anti-fungal medication.  She has many patches of missing hair.  It is obvious that she used to weigh quite a bit more, and is now too thin.  

Bloodwork showed anemia and elevated kidney values.  A urine sample sent to a lab showed massive loss of protein in the urine.  In spite of this, she managed to put on 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  Of course, large meals and extra treats helped there.
Repeat bloodwork after the antibiotics were finished showed slightly improved kidney values, although they are still elevated.  The anemia has gotten worse.  Among the things produced by the kidneys is erythropoietin, which stimulates the production of red blood cells.  Based on the worsening anemia, it appears the erythropoietin is no longer being produced by the kidneys.
Fortunately, there is an injectable medicine, Epogen, which will replace the erythropoietin in stimulating the production of red blood cells.  This will lead to improved health, although it will not stop the kidney disease.  The vet says that with the current level kidney values, slightly above the high end of normal, she can live for quite a while, as long as she receives Epogen injections on a regular basis.
Each vial of Epogen will last about 1 month and costs $48.  Because it has to be temperature-controlled, the shipping is $25.  We will be checking to see if we can get more than 1 vial in a shipment.  There will also be the cost of needles/syringes.  We are currently estimating that cost at $7 per month.
Right now, she is eating regular food (Holistic Select Anchovy) mixed with some stew-type dog food to make it more appealing.  Eventually, she will require prescription food, but the timeframe for that is unknown.

Angel's needs

Medication costs - Epogen - $121 every other month.  2 vials are ordered at a 
time.  Since the medicine has to be keep cold, the overnight shipping 
cost is included in the bill.

Needles / Syringes  $7 / month

Complete bloodwork quarterly - $140

Vet visit/checkup quarterly - $45

CBC recheck (if Epogen dose increased) $46 - this has happened once in 
the 8 months Angel has been in research

Medicated shampoo - $28.95 for 16 ounces.  Since the yeast is now 
cleared up, this lasts 2-3 months.

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