Noah Update 11/16

Noah is SRCI's latest foster coming into our rescue family after we were contacted by an Indianapolis vet clinic.  The little guy is 13 weeks old weighing 3.4 pounds. 
UPDATE 11/16

Someone help me get this thing off !!!!

This is Noah and I am home with my foster family after spending some time with special people at Purdue who call me spunky. They treated me so good but then they stuck this thing on my head and it will be attached for two weeks...all my growling and barking won't make it go away.

My Auntie Nancy took me to a place called momma's work where I got more cuddles and loving by nice ladies who ohh and ahh over me before momma and me headed home.

My doctor tells momma that my prognosis is good - but I need to revisit him in a month for a better assessment on how my heart is healing.

Thanks for all the prayers, concern, and healing thoughts. Please say a prayer for my foster mom - she has to keep me quiet for a week.

Love, Noah

For those who have already generously contributed to Noah's expenses, thank you so much from our hearts. Noah's hospitalization and procedure is estimated upwards in the $2800 range.

SRCI is exploring grants to help pay for Noah's expenses. Any monetary support from his fan club would be very appreciated. One may make a PayPal donation (button on left) or send a sponsorship amount to SRCI, P O Box 199046, Indianapolis, IN 46219.

UPDATE 11/15
The little munchkin will enjoy his "new leash on life" - the procedure today has been successful and Noah is expected to enjoy a full and happy life!!!

The baby should be coming home tomorrow and begin his road to recovery.

So many thanks to Dr. Hogan of Purdue Veterinary School and all his staff for taking such wonderful care of this special guy.

The outpour of love and prayers from Noah's new friends is so humbling - you are all part of our SRCI family.

UPDATE  11/14

Noah Update - The little guy charmed everyone he met at Purdue today.

As suspected, the echogram confirmed that he has PDA*. It also showed that his little heart is enlarged. Noah's cardiologist warned not to delay surgery - and the procedure is scheduled for tomorrow.

Noah is resting comfortably at the veterinary school tonight; his vet tech has already been in contact to say that he is doing well. His foster mom will be contacted in the morning for the time of surgery.

Please keep this precious baby in your thoughts and prayers for a successful outcome and recovery.

*Patent ductus arteriosus (also called PDA) is a birth defect in the heart. It is caused by incomplete changes in the heart's circulation when a dog or cat is born. The ductus arteriosus is an important blood vessel that ensures that blood does not go to the lungs unnecessarily as the fetus is developing in the uterus. During the first few hours after birth, this blood vessel naturally closes off. This allows blood to travel normally through the lungs for oxygenation as the lungs begin to function when the puppy takes its first breath. In some puppies and kittens, the ductus arteriosus remains open (patent). This results in serious, life-threatening changes in the way that the heart pumps blood through the heart and to the rest of the body

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