Foster Homes Needed

NOTE:  We are one of the few Sheltie Rescues that take in Senior Shelties. Therefore our foster homes are full.  We are desperately looking for new foster homes to take in our regular adoptable dogs.  Are you the future for a rescue sheltie?

Are you interested in becoming a qualified foster home? Take the opportunity to give one of our beloved Shelties a chance for a better life as we continue to take in unwanted, abandoned, and abused Shelties. You can help by giving them nurturing temporary homes until we find that perfect, loving, "forever" home that each one deserves. We need qualified people to foster these wonderful Shelties. All you need is love, patience and a "Foster Home" form. If interested, please  see the 'Printable Forms" on the main menu at the left to download your "Foster Home Volunteer" form.  Or you may now submit your form from our "Online Forms" selection on the left at the bottom of our menu selection.