Dylan - 1199


Male 4 yrs old. (2013)

15 ins. tall

19 lbs.

Updated 1/16/2018

Medical Hold

Dylan # 1199

Update 1/16/2018

Dylan will be receiving a series of 10 laser treatments in an effort to provide relief from his arthritis.  We will post an update when they are complete.  

If you would like to help offset the cost of the treatments, please hit the Donate button at the bottom of the page, and put "For Dylan" in the note section on the PayPal page.  The cost for 10 sessions is $250 + the consultation. 

Many woofs of thanks!!


HI! My name is Dylan and I’m a very pretty boy as you can see 


I’m a typical Sheltie, a little neurotic and like to bark. So you definitely have to be ready for a little noise in the house.


I’m in a foster home with 4 other dogs and I get along with everyone, but sometimes prefer my own space. I don’t really like to play with my foster siblings too much - so if I go to a home with another dog it’s probably best if they’re a little older so they don’t mind me not being so playful. I love to play with toys and chew bones all the time and be around my foster mom and dad. I’m 100% housebroken and I don’t even need to stay in a crate at night or during the day. 


I’ve got a couple other health related issues but I don’t let them hold me back, I’m still wonderful! I have arthritis down my spine and in my hips, which does make me a little slow to move around sometimes, but I still get there. I take glucosamine everyday to help me out. I also have chronic ear infections but with some eardrops it’s pretty easy to handle. Anytime I feel the itching coming on my foster parents give me some eardrops for a few days.


I know I have some health issues but I’m a very sweet and loving boy.