Honey - 1223


Female 3 yrs old. (2015)

16  ins. tall

24 lbs.

Updated 1/20/2019


Honey # 1223

Honey came into rescue after being lost for 10 months and left on her devices to survive.  Because of the efforts of several groups, Honey was finally captured and turned over to SRCI for her rehabilitation.
She was very scared; her coat was covered in mats and burrs.  She shied from humans and looked for escaped routes.  She had a severe case of parasites which she was treated for.
Over time, Honey slowly learn to trust and shyly ask for attention.  With the help of her foster canine siblings, Honey began to gain confidence and blossom into the lovely girl that she has become.
Honey now comes to her foster mom and lays her head in her lap.  She has learned that life can be secured and safe.
Applications will be considered for Honey only from homes who have experience dealing with shy dogs.  Honey still panics when she is in open spaces so a 6 foot privacy fence is a requirement.  A home will need to make a commitment to socialize her in positive reinforcement venues.  Honey remains a flight risk so no small children, please.
If you have the patience and understanding to give to this special girl, please complete an application.