Obesity in Your Sheltie

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Sheltie and learn what to do about it.
Overfeeding your dog is the #1 reason for an overweight Sheltie.  Most people don't know the proper amount of food to feed.   Everyone goes by what the Vet recommends or what's recommended on the back of that bag of dog food.

Rule of thumb for feeding your dog:  There are no rules!  Every dog has a different activity level and lifestyle - just like us humans.  What it all boils down to is this.....if your Sheltie is fat, your Sheltie is eating too much or
has a health problem.

Your vet doesn't live with you or your dog, so there's no way for him to know how much food your dog should eat.  The pet food manufacturers WANT YOU TO BUY MORE FOOD, so of course they're going to recommend you feed more!
So how much food do you actually feed your Sheltie?
You might be surprised to know you're feeding your dog a lot more than you think!  Take a look
at the photos below to see what happens to dog food once it's in your Sheltie's belly.
Shown is 1/2 cup of dry dog food.
This food doesn't have many fillers, yet look what
happens to it in the next photo.
After 20 minutes of soaking in water, the volume
DOUBLES to 1 full cup of food.  This is what happens
 in your dog's stomach.



1/2 cup of dry food 30 minutes in water


Feed your dog twice a day, but cut back on the amount of food. 
If you are worried that your Sheltie will be hungry, add boiled potatos
 or canned green beans to each meal.  These act as "fillers" but won't cause your dog to gain weight.  Do this for 6 months.

Instead of feeding those fattening dog treats in between meals,
try giving baby carrots!  Shelties love them!