Greenwood Middle School

Greenwood Middle School Presents SRCI with a Check




One of the more fun events we get to participate in is visiting Greenwood Middle School.  Adopter, rescuer, foster mom, advocate, and oh, yes, Greenwood Middle School teacher Jackie Ferguson invited SRCI down to Greenwood Middle School for their holiday convocation.  She is also the sponsor of the school's 4 Paws Animal Service Club.  Last week you will remember reading that Carolyn Goeke had been down there teaching the kids in the club what a woobie was and how to make them.  Today, SRCI was presented with some of the woobies made last week and a check for $200.00.  What a nice holiday present to help our rescues.



Sue Moore brought Penny and Napolean along and John Mountford brought Elliot.  We made sure the dogs took care of their business outside (even if it was just outside the principal's window) rather than in the school and then made our way to the gym.  This is the third year we've been invited to be part of the convocation and the kids just love the dogs.  Elliot was his normal laid back self although when it got a little crowded he just went back over to Dad.  Penny did great and was a perfect little lady.  She wasn't too sure about all the applause but seemed to understand after a while it wasn't anything to be too afraid of.  The kids had known about her walkabout a few weeks ago so they were happy she was back.  Napolean thought ALL the applause was for him.  He made numerous rounds of the gym saying hello to everyone and seemed to be at home with eight or nine of the kids circled around him providing him much deserved attention.  He also showed the whole school what a woobie was made for playing fetch and tug-o-war.  I hear he has a couple of approved adopters lined up for him, one approved a while ago that's been waiting and another newly approved home, so one way or another I think Napolean will be home soon.  Hope they have lots of energy for him!



Thanks again to kids at Greenwood Middle School and especially the 4 Paws Club and Ms. Ferguson.  They are a credit not only to themselves but to their school, families, and community.