Chrissy, Pumpkin, Chrissy, Shadow, and Laddie


 Wednesday, February 8, 2006

In December, 2004, Christy was one of 150 dogs who were rescued from a puppymill/hoarder situation near St. Louis Missouri(See the full story and pictures at The dogs were kept in outdoor pens with little to no shelter and in frozen mud and feces inches deep. The water buckets, when they had water in them, were frozen and who knows how often they were fed. The day the dogs were rescued, the temperature and wind chill were severe. All of the dogs were taken to the Humane Society in St. Louis where they were evaluated, vetted and housed. Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis went immediately to the shelter to help evaluate the shelties and do whatever was needed, including bathing the dogs. Other breed rescues stepped up to the plate as well.

The St. Louis Humane Society’s position was they would handle the adoptions of most of the dogs, but they did relinquish the dogs with health or behavioral issues to the various rescues. Christy and her two double merle brothers were among the dogs released to rescue. Christy and a heartworm positive female sheltie were then transported to SRCI, where she was fostered by a member with other double merle and special needs shelties. Christy was deaf, but enjoyed life to the fullest (many double merles are deaf or blind or both, but they still live full lives).

Christy and another sheltie named Mia, went to Petco in Kokomo on the March 12, 2005 for the SRCI’s regularly scheduled educational booth.  The Ward family fell madly in love with both of dogs. The Ward family with five children couldn’t decide which sheltie to choose, so they adopted them both. This was the most perfect of homes for Christy. All of the Ward family were well versed in hand language as one of the Ward children was autistic and hand signs were their common language. Christy and Mia thrived in the Ward home. Mia had come from a puppymill situation as well and was very shy before going to the Ward home.

On February 8, 2006, Christy suddenly and inexpecably went into a round of seizures which could not be brought under control. It was with the greatest heartache that the decision was made to release her to the Rainbow Bridge. Mia is lost without Christy, as are all of the Ward family members.




 Saturday, April 1, 2006


"Pumpkin a sable and white little miss has a lot of love to give before....." and there was silence on the other end of the telephone.

Pumpkin was brought to the attention of SRCI volunteers, she had been found walking up a ladies drive, making her way through her last days looking for a kind hand to pet her and lover her. The lady cared for her while her own children went looking for the owners. They put up signs at every corner for a mile. They ran an ad in their local newspaper, but no one answered either the flyers or the newspaper ad. After a few days Pumpkin was transferred to SRCI to be evaluated and prepped for adoption. She was checked over by our volunteer vet, Dr. Cindy Baker. Dr. Baker concluded that Pumpkin was in fact closer to 13 years old and suffering terribly from numerous tumors. Dr. Baker proceeded to x-ray Pumpkin and found that her liver was approximately 3 times it's normal size and that there was a large mass pushing against her heart and ribs. She had only weighed 17 pounds and it was thought that the tumor was the thing weighing the most. With heavy hearts Dr. Baker and the SRCI volunteer agreed that is was in Pumpkins' best interest to let her go to the rainbow bridge. Pumpkin spent her remaining time with  the SRCI volunteer who fed her Cottage Cheese and Chicken while keeping her comfortable. Pumpkin was loved by many before she took her final breathe.

"Since it is a medical reason, we will be euthanizing her tomorrow morning. This is a really sweet dog." is all the volunteer could tell me.




 Friday, April 21, 2006


Crissy came into rescue when her owner passed away.   Crissy was about 14 inches tall and 40 pounds. Moving around was an effort for her and steps were out of the question. What she lacked in mobility, she made up for in happy.  Crissy became Jean and Darst first official foster. Though the Jacobs furkids didn't think much of the new kid, they accepted her. Crissy was not interested in eating, which was nothing new. Then she began vomiting and a trip to Dr Cindy was made. She stayed with Dr Cindy and it was found she was in acute renal failure. Crissy was only about 4 years old. She seemed better this morning and was getting an IV and snoozing. Crissy never woke up.




 Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Run free without harm from a shock collar or a chain or from a harmful man. You were dearly loved by your foster Mom, all of SRCI, and your foster brothers and sisters, and your little buddy, Cappy.




 Thursday, May 18, 2006